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At present, Gallery 66, which is housed in the historic Acoma Curio Shop in San Fidel, New Mexico, serves as the primary exhibiition venue for resident artists of Annex:art.  In the coming seasons, plans are underway to expand the gallery operation to include several exhibition opportunities for emerging artists.
Information about each of the following projects will be made availble in the near future:
  • Quadratfuss: Square Foot Biennial
  • Self-curated exhibition opportunities.
  • Annual Zeitgeist exhibition 
  • Art Wall 66 project
  • Art Mural collaboration
  • group and solo exhibitions
Artists who may be interested in participating in any of the above mentioned programs are invited to visit our partner website:

For individuals who have other inquiries as to our programs or wish to be added to our mailing list, simply send us an email by using the form found in the contact section of this website.